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Rhode Island College 
Gaige Hall 
Commercial Office Renovation
Providence, RI.
University of Rhode Island - Hillside Hall
University of Rhode Island
Hillside Residence Hall
Beaver Country Day - Performing Arts Center
Beaver Country Day School
Performing Arts Center
Exterior View 1.jpg
Rhode Island College 
Craig Lee Hall 
Conference Room Corner.jpg
Commercial Office Renovation
Providence, RI.


Mark Hallee Architect
Mark A. Hallee

With 25 years of experience in Architecture, Mark has helped shape multiple award winning projects around New England. His experience has included a diverse collection of significant projects at both large and small scales focusing on meticulous, detailed design work. Mark brings a tremendous amount of passion and positivity to every project. He is thoughtful, responsive and hard working with a strong enthusiasm and eagerness to produce great architecture.


After graduating from Roger Williams University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Architecture, Mark’s work has been focused around institutional, educational and commercial projects with additional residential expertise in multi-family housing. It has included a range of project phases and types, including master planning, new construction, additions & renovations, adaptive reuse, historic restoration. His experience has encompassed all phases of the design process, from early conceptual studies to complicated construction administration and everything in between.


Mark has had the great fortune of working for fantastic firms over the years starting out with a residential design build firm in Vermont, Williams & Frehsee. This was followed by several years at HMFH Architects in Cambridge focusing on K-12 educational work highlighted by the Beaver Country Day School Performing Arts Center which received many awards including the Excellence in K-12 Educational Facilities Award from the BSA. The most recent experience was as LLB Architects in Rhode Island, highlighted by the URI Hillside Residence Hall project, which received the 2012 AIA RI award for Best Institutional Building Design. Mark is NCARB certified and holds registrations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.



All built projects have an opportunity (or responsibility) to be special and inspiring in whatever way is possible. Architecture should always try to strive for something that is unique and lasting, while also uplifting and energizing. It is critical for projects to foster a sense of place that is deeply connected to context. Buildings and places form the backdrop for learning and creativity from which innovation can occur.

It is well known and established that buildings are huge users of energy and resources. It should be a primary goal of every project to design buildings that are energy efficient, oriented appropriately to the sun, constructed of earth friendly materials, and focused on the health & well-being of the users. Projects should make every effort to be full of natural light with strong connections to nature. Successful projects should also integrate informal spaces that facilitate interaction and communication.

Up Architecture is a practice that is based on exploration, discovery, and creation. There are no preconceived notions about what shape a project should take or what it should look like. The idea is to start from something simple and basic, then let the process and context help form the project. A fundamental objective of Up Architecture is positivity. Both the design process and construction of every project should be inspiring and special. The ultimate goal is to organically develop solutions that are functional, beautiful, humanistic and alive!



Every project is unique. It can be challenging for clients to know where to begin and how to create the roadmap for a successful project. There is a delicate balance of design, budget and time that often leads to a stop and start work flow. Early on in a project there are far more questions than answers. It is common for projects to require signoffs from key stakeholders at various milestones, and it can be tremendously challenging to get all the players at the table in order for this to happen.

For Up Architecture, a healthy and productive process is a fundamental part of producing great architecture. From experience it is essential to clearly communicate design ideas in an effort to visualize a project. Very often a client will not have a sense of what is desired (or the possibilities of what could be). It is the architects job to facilitate the discussions that will create the vision for the project. This can become a complex orchestration of questions, decisions and approvals relying heavily on active collaboration.

The American Institute of Architects established 5 major areas of design services as related to the process of design and construction. They are schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding / negotiation, and construction administration. In reality, projects do not necessarily proceed in a strict linear fashion. With this in mind, it is critical that clients and architects clearly establish the priorities for each project. Up Architecture will work closely with every client to create a roadmap, ask the right questions, develop a project vision, explore options and work actively towards creating a successful project.

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Mark A. Hallee, RA, NCARB

30 Brenton Avenue 

Providence, RI. 02906 

(401) 680 - 0777

MA Registration: 20239

RI Registration: 4839


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